Here you can find examples of my work


OSM Geopolygons Fetcher

The app to provide an interface to the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API for fetching polygon of a geo-object by its name

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OSM Polyfon Fetcher

Real Estate Analysis for Hamburg, DE

Are you living in Hamburg and planning to move to a different Stadtteil, or just planning to move to this awesome city as an expat, or a student, or as Wahlhamburger(in)?

Looking for a flat to rent? This app is definitely for you!

You will find out what is the price range for different city districts and will be able to plan better your budget.  

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Rent Price Analysis - Hamburg, DE


Geospatial time series  data mining example

The project was conducted for the Voith company.

It is dedicated to the studies of the offshore supply vessels reliability under different weather conditions.

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Offshore Supply Vessels Reliability Analysis