Welcome on the page of Dmitry Kisler - Data scientist and R enthusiast with 5+ years of R&D and data analysis experience

Hi and welcome on my web-page!

My names is Dmitry, and I’m a husband, data scientist, R and ML enthusiast, ex-physicist with over 5 years of data analysis and research experience.

I used to be a part of very excited research projects including ISOLTRAP and CMS at world leading laboratories like CERN and DESY.

About two years ago, I decided to leave academia and enlarge my area of interests to data science and start new adventure for applying analytical methods to real life, business and especially on-line products and services.

On my recent position as a data scientist, I’ve been developing ML algorithms and Restful APIs for the back-end of trusteddocks.com – a novel B2B service of one of the leading big data software development companies for maritime industry, MDS. This web-app helps ship-managers/owners to find a suitable company for their vessel(s) maintenance/building/recycling without intermediate human agents which leads to the works costs reduction. I’ve been also developing the back-end logic for the trusteddocks.com recommendation system/artificial assistant – TaDa.

You can find some of my private projects developed on R with the use of shiny library on the page projects.

My detailed resume is presented on resumé page, it can be also downloaded.

If you have any questions/comments, or you liked some of my ideas, or you would like to share yours, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form, or email, or Skype.

You can also simply scan this bar-code to get my vCard